Well I posted on the 23 April 4 days into my eldest being missing. He returned on the 29th. May was not a productive month overall as the after burn caught up with us at home. There were good things happening and still I haven’t posted and Twitter has had a much reduced dribble as opposed to the normal torrent of ideas. My meds that I mentioned previously were struggling to cope and this time I made a preemptive decision to boost my defence. A sensible decision, unfortunately my body was drained of resistance and I then went through over two weeks of side effects to what was meant to be helping. I learnt to appreciate the relative stability I had before, three days of work were lost to violent shaking and trembling and then seemingly knockout drops. Over half term the second remedy was started, this time dizziness and severe pounding headaches stopped everything else. I stopped taking them and on returning to school I have had no headaches for four work days.

Back to school with a sense of joy, calm relatively at home. Lots of projects happening and a great week ensued. This afternoon I had my return to work interview, part of a support structure that helps me as I update them on how things are and I feel supported. “How are things at home, are they calm again?” My reply “yes until the next time..

Yep, got home, this time o idea where he is, who he might be with, so local detective work with contacts and then the inevitability as there is no answer on his mobile and he can not take his meds- phone the police and report him missing.

Then wait for the follow up car to come around and take more details, that’s where the post started…that’s where it ends waiting…..


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