Antidote …

An intriguing day- last night comments from he that is not here (see Life … Post) that raised hackles. An evening of apathy but twitter companionship. A poor night, disrupted sleep, a migraine attempting to start, exhaustion, low – morning to sleep and regather. It started with foetal ball and tears, then sleep, then wakefulness.

Then to school and beyond, teach, rest, arrive early for parents evening – gather waiters from queue outside hall 14;45 and we’ve started. Scheduled evening 3 hours, 36 possible 5min. appointments. But I teach four classes, so I was fully booked within three days over a week ago. So did I do all 36 appointments? No I managed 46 appointments in 220 minutes.

I left feeling Truly alive and happy – my antidote – sharing with parents how their children are doing.


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