What do you do? ASD, ADHD, Psychotic episodes, substances, lies, anger, accusations…just some of the last 4 days of parenting. Apologies normal blogs will resume at some point as I have so much good stuff but it’s being buried at the moment.

Too open, brutally honest ? Maybe but welcome to my life, our life, pressures, oh and then there’s work but I like my teaching. I want to be there. I don’t want to be curled up in a ball but it would be so easy, pull back, withdraw, hide.

I have friends on Twitter with who I share a propensity for depression #BD. we support each other, look out, check up on, ring, tweet, mail to help each other. For me one of the most powerful groups to come out of my tweeting but not one you can easily stand up in front of the staff at a workshop and say. Yes, mock me for tweeting but you don’t know what it’s like being in my head at times. I take anti-depressants I’ve given up on the whole I’m going to come off them crusade because there are too many rocky paths, too many glitches, they are my stabilisers, my buoyancy aid. This weekend their support was tested and as well as my great partner they helped.

What is this small post about? It’s a cry, a bleat, a blip. It’s the reason career plans stalled and withered. It’s a cause for my need to meet inspiring people online and in person. I have so much to offer but be patient because sometimes there’s a great big wall in the way that I have to get over, around, under, through before I can be.

Just remember, life is a one time opportunity, warts and all.

If you’ve read to here, thank you.


5 responses to “Life….

  1. Hey Andy, I like reading your stuff. I am really worried that this might come across as patronising which I hope it doesn’t. Anyway, I had not long ago finished blogging on a similar topic and thought you might chuckle at my attempt to apply SOLO to a student coping with the learning

  2. Hello Andy. Love the honesty here. N fortunately I aml for the first time under the sway of depressions and considering going to my doc about it. It is really reassuring to read your post and know there are others out there in teaching with the same issues. The pressures of our job have ratcheted up alarmingly in the last 2 years. We need to stick together for strength and support. Sending you peace. ………

  3. Hang in there, mate. And that’s not just a trite, hollow encouragement, but heartfelt support from someone else who has been there… 😉

  4. How honest you are – my heart goes out to you and I wish you much peace. Teaching + depression = superhero – every time you walk through the classroom door.

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