Sologlobalchat – the first one – 13.04.13. WORK IN PROGRESS

On Saturday (13 April)morning at 11am a group of teachers gathered to chat together about a shared interest – Solo Taxonomy.

The following participated:

Individual Twitter handle Location Specialism

Brendan Jones @joneseytheteachr Australia PE

Chris Harte @charte Australia

Andy Knill @aknill UK Geography, ICT

Steve Mouldey @GeoMouldey N. Zealand Geography

Diane Farrell @fardef Australia Mathematics

Georgia Constanti @georgiac Australia k-6

Alice Leung @aliceleung Australia Science

Helen Rogerson @hrogerson UK Science

Lucie Golton @LGolton UK Science

Sonya Vanschaijik @vanschaijik N.Zealand

Emma Watts @emmerw N.Zealand Primary

Julia Breen @Jbreeno1 N.Zealand PE/Health

Jamie Warner-Lynn @deadshelley UK English

Graeme Eyre @gceyre UK Geography

sa_78 @sa_78 UK PE

myfot @thisismyfot UK History/Sociology

Amjad Ali @ASTsupportAAli UK Law, AST T & L

Andy Sammons @amsammons UK English

Tom Phillips @TomPhillipsPE UK PE

Claire Power @Miss_Power85 UK Geography

Fred Domingo @fredgdomingo Australia Science

Katharine Hutchinson @kjhutchinson UK Geography

Mrs M Atherton @mrsmdatherton UK English

Ross McGill @TeacherToolkit UK AHT

Debbie and Mel @TeacherTweaks UK English

Alice has posted this already.

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