Stretch your brain? Chat to many? Be a contributor?

Are you up to a challenge? @ukedchatorganise a weekly chat at 8pm every Thursday on Twitter for anyone to debate that week’s topic. @ukedchat and @ICTMagic lead ukedchat and are always welcoming to new volunteers to host a chat. They will ask you for a number of questions to discuss so the poll can be started after the previous weeks chat. 24 hours before “your” chat the poll results will be announced.

I am no expert, I hosted my first chat last night on the topic of CPD. It was terrifying,exhilarating and at some point gentlemen I will offer to host again. It works your brain, I gained followers and now follow more teachers and educators. Twitter’s value was reinforced lat night, but by those who already appreciate it. Now we need to reach out to the others who deny it has a use for them. Let us encourage people to explore new ideas, new sources, new methods so that our careers, schools, pupils can progress.

My exploration analogy comes from the recent TED talk by Daniel Raven-Ellison. Watch his talk, could you explore something new?


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