So going into Tuesday (yes insomnia moment). Been on holiday since Good Friday.

Have I switched off? Yes, but no.

Why? As a teacher I read the news while away and see the stories from the Union conferences, then 1st April and changes that will affect those that I work with of all ages.

As a geographer, I’m surrounded by human and physical geography – mainly just enjoying it for itself whilst reading about ski trips and Icelandic trips.

As a geek twitter and blogs are never far away because of mobile technology, but while I’m walking, scrambling about they are relegated as the phone takes over as my camera.

So, what are holidays all about? For me time away from the classroom. Some recharging of batteries although a desire to be outside means I’m working myself quite hard. A time for family – yes we annoy each other, irritate at times. There are the shared moments, the unexpected comments, the views to savour from hilltops, the cafes visited. By asking myself what holidays are do I start to make them more formal? Maybe. Just being seems a thing of the past. Delights abound- seeing deep snow for the first time since last years visit; burning off extra energy walking with eldest; visiting new places; trying new eateries;

Did this post have a purpose? Maybe or maybe just a release of thoughts while awake in the early hours. You decide. I have to say thankyou for holidays and the opportunity to take some time out.






One response to “Holidays

  1. skinnyboyevans

    Hope you do switch off Andy!

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