Teachmeet Essex 2013 (March)

Monday 18th March arrived and the second Teachmeet Essex co-hosted by myself (@aknill), Martin Burrett (@ICTMagic) and Tom Sherringham (@headguruteacher) took place at Tom’s school – KEGS in Chelmsford, Essex. To our surprise this time we had not had to chase speakers, they signed up of their own accord and we had several new people presenting this time. Also as there have now been a number of Teachmeets in London we had discussed how our numbers might fall. 218 tickets were booked through Everbrite ( I do not have a total for attendance currently).

Having been successful back in November we had considered changing the format slightly but did not do this in the end ( see recent Twitter discussions about TM formats). We did not need to meet face to face this time, arrangements were as previously. Martin comperes and acted as tech wizard that he is and chief cuddly camel thrower; Tom was host with refreshments and enterprising sixth formers and I got to be on livestream mic batteries duty.

This time we had up to 42 watching on the livestream and no mic downtime. Viewers were from a range of places inc.; N.Ireland;Ireland; Edinburgh, Islay in the Western Isles, Scotland; Brittany; Melbourne, Australia – a good impact.

Presenters ranged from the static to the animated as they spoke to the audience. Technology included many tools; at one point Tom referred to PowerPoint as a historic tool, after several Prezi presentations. Hardware ranged from Mark Allen (@edintheclouds) using his phone without the aid of a PC, several uses of PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone via Reflection app. Blogging was mentioned many times. The key running through the presentations this time was the focus on pedagogy supported by tech tools and many examples of pupils work / responses.

Presentations and video from the evening are being uploaded by Martin onto www.teachmeetessex.co.uk and views, feedback are welcomed.

Oh and the other thing…. In a moment of madness / inspiration ( depends who you ask) I decided to respond to a point raised by Emma Dawson (@squiggle7) at Teachmeet Milton Keynes recently about where my Geography Camp ( The Geography Collective) trousers were.


Picture courtesy of Penny Patterson.


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