Posterous Demise and a fix

Half term has seen a number of varied discussions with colleagues on Twitter and beyond. The holiday started with the news that Posterous would shut from April 30. Various posts went back and forth on how to move files to other blog sites. I have to say much easier than I expected. I have now moved both of my Geogmemo accounts across into Mishmashlearning.

In effect three blogs in one. From Jan to Dec 2011 I completed a “365” photo blog which I have to admit was hard to sustain at times but gives a photographic record of a year of my life which is interesting ( for me at least! ) to look back on.

Near the end of 2011 I felt the need for a reflective blog but one that mainly I saw. This was running when I went to BETT in 2012 and met 2 or 3 twitter friends.

March 2012 I started the Mishmashlearning blog after using the name for two Teachmeets as an opportunity to share my myriad interests.

This has obviously increased the number of posts significantly. Please have a look at the pics and if you like any of the pics especially as a teaching resource – use them, just let me know.


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