SOLO and using it all the time

I apologise to readers who have not seen many SOLO posts recently. I am still using it and I am including it as the framework for my teaching in all of my geography classes. I am now looking at piloting it in my ICT lessons once I’ve shown the Head of Department how it can be used and what it is !

Contact this week from teachers looking for people using SOLO in all lessons – @Gripweed1and @mike_gunn were sent some of my recent materials – I hope this can be the start of a SOLO collaboration link, especially as I’m now looking to take it into my ICT lessons too.

I am flabbergasted by some of the credit I receive for my SOLO work. I am still very new at this but I am keen to share and learn from each other.

Who’s on board for sharing practise??


2 responses to “SOLO and using it all the time

  1. Hi I would be really interested to see some of the materials you have been using in lessons with SOLO? I’m Head of ICT at a secondary school and we are going to try and introduce SOLO from September so would be grateful for any advice.

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