Keeping in touch globally

This week while teaching about flooding with Year 8 we’ve had more floods in the UK and in Queensland, Australia. So having promised the pupils to not teach out of date examples from texts how could we resource this?

UK- I have made extensive use of the BBC news links online and the Environment Agency’s Floodwatch. We used comparative screenshots over a two day period to show fluctuations in the flood warnings and linked snow melt reference was made to the make snowmen advice given and why this would slow the release of water back into the drainage basin.


Queensland – I follow a few locals on Twitter after last years floods around Brisbane and Toowumba. I use YouTube footage of Toowumba's "inland tsunami" to show the results of flash flooding. So I have information from the area.



Our lead Humanities TA (G. Conroy) also contacted a friend in Queensland and passed on some photos taken of the floods – just after discussions about the need for rain. Well after the bush fires affecting Australia that’s not surprising, but maybe not this much rain

These resources will be used to conclude the unit.





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