Thanks to recent views.

The last three weeks as January saw a return to school have seen little or no posts. Life seems to be on fast forward a lot of the time. It is great to see that a few visitors have read some of my older posts and it has been very satisfying to have been recommended on Twitter by several people for my posts on the Solo taxonomy.

So, why so busy? Next week is my big treat and adventure – a work day at BETT 13. I usually attend on the Saturday in my own time, however this year I applied for leave of absence back in October. So, what do I do there? The last few years I’ve collected details of resources that may prove useful to colleagues which I’ve passed on in the following fortnight. I’ve kept a record of the responses received – it’s nice to open people’s eyes to new opportunities. In 2012 I’d discovered Twitter and managed to meet up with friends face to face, some for the first time.

2013, what’s different? After a year where I’ve got much more involved in Teachmeets I’ve secured a ticket for the biggie – the BETT Teachmeet. I’ve signed up to possibly present if selected by the random fruit technique. I’m helping to organise the raffle after an enjoyable evening in November helping with this at TMiPad with Anthony Evans in Redbridge. Meet a few people and wander around? Well yes, but also signed upto present two Teachmeettakeovers. One with Dawn Hallybone about geography apps ( a follow up to TMiPad and a link to my role on the Geographical Association ICT group). The second with Sheli Blackburn on Digital leaders, we met up at the RaspberryJam Teachmeet at Cambridge in July and decided we’d try to combine together at some point in promoting the development of the Digital Leader Network.

Other people to visit: Caroline Wright at BESA who has offered me some opportunities that I have been unable to take up so far; Andrea Carr and the Rising Stars team with Switched on ICT; Promethean to see which of the team who I work with as an Activadvocate; Stone computers whose stand involve talks from – Dave Smith from Havering SIS, Lady Lumley school, York on secondary digital leaders and more. Many twitter friends are planning to be there and I am looking forward to meeting them in person. It’s going to be a full on day and evening with the Teachmeet and teacheat and one I shall be talking about to colleagues for weeks or months.

So I envisage a rush of blogs soon.



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