Holidays or non contact time?

The holiday moves into the second week. the Christmas festivities are over and suddenly there are lots of family tasks to do,and oh yes that box of end of unit assessments that came home to be finished off. OnTwitter (where else) I read tweets about how much marking tweeps have achieved and the question is posed are we on holiday?

Last Thursday a #ukedchat was hosted and my nominated topic came up. It wasn’t as rushed as some chats and allowed some of us to chat about a topic we are interested in, but others questioned if we should be resting.

Today I had a chance to do some extended marking – then I didn’t feel on great form so I started but soon retreated to a warm blanket and twitter. Over the next week I will get all my assessments marked because I want to go back in knowing who has progressed and who needs more support or guidance.

Has this post said anything new? No. Did it need to? No. The blog was set up to be reflective so that’s what I’m doing.

A big thank you to the twitter. Friends posting a range of posts in the last few days it is nice being able to sit, read and reflect on the journey we are all on.


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