#nurture1213 -the wishes ( 6 month update)

6 months ago “Now for next year, what do I hope for / aspire to?”

1. Family – good health and no major crises for anyone for a year – optimistic, but it would be nice.
Out of my control and not happened already. Details not for public posts.

2. Exercise – get back into a routine where I become svelter, well regain some fitness anyway.
Some restarts, I will comment on more accurately on in December.

3. Teaching at school – good and outstanding lessons that inspire a love for learning and great
progress for all.
Based on self reflection scores (7th year of) yes improving and mocksted good. So a success
But always ongoing.

4. BETT2013 my big day out for January. This time two Teachmeet takeovers, a digital leader
presentation to attend, coffee with tweachers, meet new contacts on a variety of stands and
finally, come away with a new set off suggestions and ideas to trial back at the ranch.
What a memory. A great day with two successful takeover TMs, met so many fellow tweeters,
Wore my profile A4 badge and told by several people I follow you. Met Daniel Harvey from
Twitter and failed to recognise him for several hours as no pic ever seen.

Highlight was TeachmeetBETT where I ran the sale of raffle tickets – £650 3 hours later! I had
Developed a reputation as “Raffle guy”.

5. GA IT group – develop my role as a member of the teams and get “apping”
Missed Summer meeting due to poor health but have proposed a workshop based on apps for
2014 conference. New apps list now on website. Now have own android device as well so will
Be able to add own suggestions for two OS. also attended one day at 2013 conference and want
more (see workshop submission for 2014 above).

6. Promethean advocate role – develop my own skills, share with others, train individuals to
maximise their use of the tool that is their IWB. Develop a skilled team of Digital leader pupils
who train staff.
I continue to train where requested and developing Digital Leaders group. In summer term Yr7
to use an ActivInspire based unit and possibly include some Solo taxonomy as well. Also some
Work with Promethean developing products.

7. BESA to be able to take up some of Caroline Wright’s offers and use my experience.
We talked at BETT13 and identified possible school holiday task later in 2013.

8. Digital leaders at school – to go from strength to strength as a group, develop individual skills and
meet with local DLs from local primary schools.
More Year 7 recruits but lost core Yr 9 group to fast track drama group. Flagging slightly and
Rethink in May on smaller specialist student led teams.

9. School rowers (indoor currently) to enjoy and be great ambassadors at the Havering
championships and National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships in March. Oh, and to receive
their awards at rescheduled Sports award evening and reach their 2 million metre target before
Easter 2013.
Well they attended Havering and NJIRC. Sports award Evening we received club of the year for
The second year in a row for dedication. Pupils; Liam (outstanding achievement award) leaving
Rowing specific awards to Ted and Eloise (new yr 7 girl superstar- at 86,000m so far from Sept
to May). Liam now member of Globe rowing club and in a performance squad.
New London youth Rowing criteria meant we have two of original eight machines left but club
continues. Oh and yes they have passed 2,000,000 mets fast approaching Sir’s total.

10. Twitter – to continue to develop my. Tweets, sharing, collaborating and even meeting fellow
tweachers at events or on school visits to look at great ideas.
Apart from May where health interrupted play Twitter continues…In April holiday hosted
#ukedchat for the first time. Two days later hosted first international #sologlobalchat. We
trended and about 40 educators from the UK, Australia and New Zealand met online for an
hour on a Saturday to discuss our use of Solo taxonomy.

11. Teachmeets – take part in more, present, TMEssex2?
Yep March saw TMEssex2 in Chelmsford a more relaxed affairs organisers as speakers signed
up mainly with a few prompts to people I knew who had a tale to share. Also spoke at
TMMiltonKeynes where I spoke twice and ran the raffle £125 smaller crowd! Didn’t get to
Present at TMBett13 but see 4 above made up for it with my raffle skills. Attended
Pedagoo London and spoke at Teachmeet in the evening after the march of the Green Mans
(In joke).

Off the back of Teachmeets started using 7eplan and links to Solo taxonomy. I have launched
Pedagogy group in own school (voluntary 9/50 staff).

12. Keep in contact with friends and family across the globe.
Ongoing through social media and Skype. Plus my growing international links from networking

13. Keep life in perspective.
Was doing quite well on this until some family health issues see no. 1 cut across. Own meds
Changed recently but unsuccessful diue to number of side effects – ongoing report back in

There, that was easier than I thought. Comments welcomed, feedback,feed forward … See many of you on Twitter @aknill or in need of a laugh @knillsocks.

Feedback on recap – not giving myself a scorecard as some aspirations are out of my control but what’s great pick me up generally. Hope anyone reading it agrees.


2 responses to “#nurture1213 -the wishes ( 6 month update)

  1. Maybe we will be able to meet in person at one if the many teachy type things!! Have a good one!

  2. Well I think you are doing really well. Lots of successes there and things to build on. So glad twitter & teachmeets are growing. that is where I get lots of inspiration for the other parts of my life. Looking forward to the next review!

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