I have just read this evening about the #nurture1213 idea and it appeals – 12 memories of 2012 and 13 aspirations for 2013. I think that’s right.

So, 2012…

1. Mishmashlearning launches
My second ever Teachmeet in February at #TMEssex organised by Danny Nicholson. I decided
to present and what a release – a new alter ego is launched. This blog followed and I enjoy using
it to reflect on practise.

2. Teachmeet – presenting. Essex was followed a week later by #TMPlay at Feb. half term in
Leicestershire – hosts included @squiggle7 who I knew from Geography Camp 2011. I also
made a great new group of friends / links in the Midlands including @mikemcsharry. Gaining in
confidence, I went to #TMraspberrypi/jam/Cambridge in July. Now truly hooked and look forward
to more … Oops almost forgot – November and #TMiPad in Ilford with @Skinnyboyevans.

3. Teachmeet – organising. An invitation to meet Tom @headguruteacher at KEGS, Chelmsford as
he’d read my tweets about using #SOLOtaxonomy. Also @ICTmagic, Martin and I had met at
Essex and Cambridge Teachmeets already. Could we organise a Teachmeet? Well we did, Tom
was a great host and showed how SLT / HTs can be involved in driving and supporting
innovation. Martin was our tech wizard. Me, well I shamelessly cultivated my twitter network
contacts for presenters, much more successfully than I expected. The night? I loved it and others
have their opinions ask them! Best event I’ve ever helped organise and great to get to present
twice in the first half and get grown men holding hands and explain the concept of Digital leaders
through mass audience participation – and what a crowd for our first event.

4. My family – we have had a difficult year with incidents that gave caused heartache and strain,
but I look forward to the first school break in three where stress levels may fall. My heartfelt
thanks and love go out to Anne my fantastic wife.

5. SOLO taxonomy – one of my new passions. Always looking for ways to help communicate how
to make progress in transparent steps for my classes. This has moved from early
experimentation to a core structure for 9 classes this last half term with Key Stage 3. Pupil
feedback needs further analysis and more development for the new term. I look forward to
tracking progress throughout 2013 and reviewing its impact fully.

6. Digital leaders – I’ve taught some great geeks and tech minded pupils in my time. This year,
through Twitter I found a free initiative to involve pupils in doing what they do best – use tech.
and share their expertise with others. Heard the idea in February, floated idea at school inMay,
launched idea in June, spoke to borough Primary ICT leader summer conference x 2 and by July
a nominal lead for Digital leaders across the borough cross phases from Key Stage 1 to 4. The
group grows and their profile changes, new challenges start and now working with other schools
to encourage new groups – twitter contact just before started this post as a follow up to

7. Twitter – yes I have been known to tweet occasionally. I love the support, honesty, and great
chance to chat, share, collaborate on a global scale. My main issue is my addiction to it.

8. Summer 2012 – as mentioned previously family wise I didn’t anticipate that even the Olympics
could cheer me up but how wrong was I.I was very fortunate to enjoy a day at Eton Dorney
watching the rowing. A morning athletics session that included Oscar Pistorius, Jessica
Ennis and Usain Bolt!
Later I would return with family to the comfy seats for a day at the Paralympics – athletics,
basketball, wheelchair tennis and the Olympic park.
Add to this many many hours of tv watching and inspiration flowed. The other issues continued
but escapism was at hand.

9. My iPad – it’s a luxury, it’s a toy, it was a Christmas present come true. Have I used it? Yeah. At
home, at work, for leisure, for work. Shared ideas with others? Tweeted, Teachmeet presented
about and with, joined Geographical Association IT group and found my niche. Could extol its
virtues endlessly but….

10.Teaching – I’m now into my 25th year of this “job”. Am I perfect? Far from it. Have I stopped
learning after so many years? no chance I model lifelong learning every day. Still enjoy it?
Yes admin at times is too consuming but the actual sharing of my subject(s), love of learning and
tech continues anew.

11. Life and health – mine has been pretty good, some asthma issues but whatever has happened
In 2012 my health has mainly backed me up.

12. Exercise – I belong to the gym and I use it, not always as much as I should but as I head
towards 49 and 50… I aspire to new targets. New loves, the power plate warmdown; the
Trixter mountain bike machine / simulator. Old love: Concept2 rowing ergos. Throwing is slower,
less frequent but running the indoor row club at school means that I always have the motivation
to move my total metres on so the club can not catch me – currently between 2.4 and 2.5
Million metres.

Hopefully a comment on some of 2012, it has been a full year.

2013 hopes in a post tomorrow…


4 responses to “#nurture1213

  1. Candid, sincere and you! Love it. I look forward to your tweets about a variety if topics. Mornings start with a #sock adventure long may it continue. Be amazing, be brilliant, be coordinated and love shoes!!!!

  2. Thanks to Rachel for comment here and Kev Bartle for twitter reponse.

  3. I’m very glad I read this list because I’d love your DLs to join the others that have supported 5 Sentence Challenge by commenting once a fortnight. I love twitter & Teachmeets. I have had the pleasure of attending many ( both in person & virtually). I’m going o pop over to 2014 now!

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