Why would you go on “blah blah”?

Me aka Mr Twitter or “blah blah” at school. Why do I invest so much time in developing my online contacts in Twitter? This post will be probably only be read by the converted – so be it. Over the last few weeks I have witnessed, participated in and read about many cases of educators supporting each other through Twitter.

Two weeks ago I presented on the use of Twitter to the Promethean Advocates group at our face to face meeting. The group represented technology confident individuals but few had spent much time with Twitter as a medium. The last two weeks and follow up contact has been great and I look forward to that continuing and developing.

Last week I was sharing ideas with a fellow Tweep Daniel Harvey in Birmingham (area) who I had shared ideas with as #TMBrum and #TMEssex were developing for both of us. He suggested a phone chat – what a great idea and it was good to make contact at last.

This post started as a ramble about why Twitter’s important to me – it has meandered but essentially I’d like to say #ff to all those who interact with me on Twitter you give me ideas, support, frequently inspire me and help at lower times.

Good health to all who sail on the good ship Twitter.


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