…school clubs – why would you?

…why do you run clubs after school? I am asked far too frequently. I was lucky to attend a state grammar school where most evenings there were a range of activities on offer. I participated in many and they were part of my informal education from: rugby teams, cross country runs, school orchestra, model railway club. When I started teaching I found myself drawn into offering my time for clubs after school. I enjoy the non classroom based contact with pupils, a chance to share interests, occasionally inspire a few.

So it’s Friday evening, I’m very tired as this long term edges on but I left school in a good mood again after my regular Rowing club session. Indoor Concept 2 ergos I accept and a core of dedicated pupils who between them turn up week after week working on distance awards mainly. Their commitment inspires me as they develop their rowing skills but also their social skills as year groups mix, music interests come to light, learning about heir other interests as we chat between the exercise.

Other clubs – this year that would be Digital Leaders and an ICT club – I do seem to attract the pupils with specialist interests! Sometimes their energy is too much, but I have to thank them for providing me with continued inspiration and I learn so much every week.

Do you have any energy left to run a club? Try it, you might be surprised how rewarding it can be for you too.


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