SOLO lesson 8 – Year 8

Year 8’s lesson sequence looked at life in Kenya by developing the facts collated in lesson 6. In lesson 8 we then focused in on Nairobi the capital. Previously I set up a departmental YouTube channel (bowerparkgeography) so clips used in lessons could be located and rewatched after lessons or to aid revision. The channels split into playlists that follow our scheme of work and aim to introduce the pupils to a wider range of clips.

SOLO is now becoming a common structure to hang written answers on and to identify how to extend the detail in answers.


The starter manned by a pupil at the IWB drew few ideas as the class entered in all 3 groups.


The title also linked back to the school’s production last term and a brief discussion emphasised that this was a tale of differences in one city not a link between two cities. The use of two videos was explained and a brief chat about what we mean by compare and contrast.


The videos shown starts with one on the sprawl of middle class Nairobi – the classes were engaged but all challenged the identification of the mobile phone as a Blackberry. Many felt that this level of affluence was not what they expected.


The second clip is about life in Kibera previously I have used the Juicy geography edited clip from Comic Relief, however the clip used is briefer and uses stills and text slides to convey information.


After watching the second clip I used an image in the clip that shows an aerial image of Kibera how close middle class residential areas are and in fact the golf course that lies across the railway line. Questions arose over where charity should be spent, why such a difference could be allowed within one city. As always there were those that confused the clips as different parts of Kenya rather than within Nairobi and we will return to this point before the end of the unit.

Written pieces varied but many were keen to stress the differences between the two areas.


6 responses to “SOLO lesson 8 – Year 8

  1. I read you blog while on duty in the Library today. I am curious as to how you scaffolded the written part. I was thinking how I might do this and settled on a Describe++ map. I drew one up but can’t seem to paste it into this reply. Anyway, like any describe map – central idea “Differences within the city”, then around this students name each difference and supply detail (multistructural) for each, then expanding out, students are prompted with a “because…” to explain why the difference might exist. Then expanding out further with a thought bubble, students could be prompted to be insightful by commenting on the significance of this difference (Extended abstract) or to write an overall generalisation. Overall, I think…….because……I know this to be true because……. (extended abstract). Hard to explain without the visual but you may know it. If you are interested I am intending to Thanks blog an example or two when I get organised – still learning the ropes. Thanks for sharing your thinking. Craig

    • Seen similar maps based on Pam Hooks Hot maps – need to provide structured resources more- next term maybe. If the sharing is helpful that’s good. Your feedback makes me reflect more too.

  2. Love to see what people are doing with SOLO. Was wondering how much of the content your pupils could have accessed at home by flipping elements of the lesson?

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