SOLO lesson 7 – year 7

Fourth week of SOLO as base structure for the unit, pupil confidence is growing and I’m taking the opportunity to be precise about use of scales of study, where we use key terms and how we develop our answers. One of the responses from the survey (still not fully collated) was that lessons where key terms were discussed was enjoyed and reinforced meanings.

This week then a focus on the UK population’s history and where we have come from. The school is a good microcosm of a multicultural society with over 12% EAL students and 38 languages spoken this year (in addition to English).


As each word was discussed it was marked off. Issues such as illegal vs legal immigration were aired and explored in more detail to emphasise the need to have an open mind.


So we start at the class scale. Each group was issued with a copy of the flipchart and how data was to be collected was discussed. Which area were you born in? Parents? Allowing for family combinations of step families… Feedback speed varied between table and teaching groups. An impressive range of data was built up.


Where there was time left we then investigated a source map from the text which emphasised how long a period invaders had visited our shores. This would lead into a research based lesson 8 and pupils presenting in lesson 9.


One response to “SOLO lesson 7 – year 7

  1. I like this lesson idea, when I move onto teaching about Population with my Year 8 classes, this will be a perfect starter. I would want to compare results with another school as a basis for an enquiry. A reflection of the world we live in where 2 million people make the urban transition every week (UN data)

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