SOLO lesson 5 – year 8 and year 9

At last the catch up begins, while year 7 learnt about the UK’s organisation year 8 looked at the influence of physical geography on population distribution across Kenya. Year 9 compared traditional and modern life in Japan. For both years, the aim was to collect multiple facts the use those to develop writing a the relational stage.


The element of scale has been emphasised in this unit so that pupils can identify how their answers can take a range of scales into account.


We modified an exercise from the textbook to make an interactive version pupils could move answers about on the board.


The groups are becoming more confident at identifying what stage their works at and we are increasingly introducing more peer assessment too.


This year 9 example shows a perfect match of self and peer assessed levels which was not expected but provided a discussion points part of our recap plenary.

Here are examples of comments from one pupil’s book:


Self assessment


Peer assessment – in the next unit we will aim to make this feedback more precise.


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