That busy week …

Sorry to any loyal readers… a week on. Last Tuesday I was tired and a slight dip after the highs of the #TMEssex experience. Staff from school who’d attended gave very positive feedback. SOLO lessons continued with some good momentum and pupil confidence is building in using terms to describe work and identifying “feed forward” ideas to move work on. Digital leaders team met up and went off in their sub-groups to work on own projects – I am. So proud of their progress in gaining independence.

I left school after notice that my PM observation had been moved to this week. So preparation as usual that evening but checked that I had clear instructions translated for Thai pupil.

Wednesday – form worked on the latest news quiz and I’m always encouraged by the general knowledge of several characters. Then it was time for my observation lesson. The observer arrived about 17 minutes into the lesson missing the pupil survey I’ve been doing this week to review pupil progress in the first two weeks of SOLO (see separate posts). We shared the international following this blog has linked to their lessons. Graphing knowledge and confidence before and after activities again reinforced short term progress, unfortunately the observer left before this (22 mins in room). The lesson felt good with lots of progress for both myself and TA working with Thai pupil for the first time today (later feedback disagreed – areas to work on…). An “up” day after the positive feeling from the observation to start the day. Lots of surveys, peer assessment with pupils questioning how to improve or how had they and a peer given their work different SOLO stages. Using reading out with groups as concerned about literacy levels of Year 7s (supported in workshop later). Line management meeting reinforced all the recent events I have been involved in and the positive contributions they are having in my teaching. Then workshop where Year 7 literacy levels and attainment potential was explored. Afterwards feedback on the observation – I was gutted and the day’s high crashed. Spoke with my mentor and HoD and after a while I sent in a request for a full lesson observation. A low evening I admit.

Thursday – pick yourself up and start again. Lessons were ok but yesterday’s fire was missing. An afternoon that was filled with a borough minibus test and then leaving lessons for Friday. When I would be off to travel North …

Friday – a slight lie in, prepare Monday’s lessons and then packing for my trip to Edinburgh with Promethean as a teacher advocate. A good flight and bus ride to the hotel. The evening was dinner and lots of chatting to get to know the group who had met last year. It was great to gather information about Twitter confidence as I would be presenting about this on Sunday morning.

Saturday / Sunday – lots of talk, shared ideas, gelling as a group and trying out technology. This was a great opportunity and I’m so glad I applied. On Sunday I led on two topics: pupil digital leaders and using Twitter. I enjoyed presenting to the group and reusing materials I had prepared for previous events and a new twitter presentation which was mailed and shared with a teacher in. N. Ireland who was presenting to staff this week. An afternoon visit into a cool Edinburgh city centre and the wishing others a good flight as we went our separate ways to: Shetland,Southampton, London, Stansted and N. Ireland. Facebook and twitter has already seen lots of shared chats and sharing of resources.

And then there was Monday …


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