SOLO lesson 5

Two weeks into the use of SOLO I feel there is a need to review how the process and idea is working for my pupils. So with all year groups a starter with a survey to see how this approach has impacted on their learning. The survey is made in the unit flipchart and issued at the start of the lesson.


More detail on the survey results in future posts.

With all year groups a chance to zoom in to a national scale and look at the structure used to organise the three countries (UK, Kenya and Japan). The exercise allowed the use of a range of maps and pupils needed to extract information of matching areas.



So a table was used to model answers before the table groups set to work.


At this point answers were checked before individuals moved into the extension question shown. Classes correctly identified that they were now at a multi-structural level and how we could extend their answers.

In some classes a graph was used to plot understanding at the start and end of the lesson, or a graph was used at this point to measure progress in the subsequent lesson 6 when the extended piece would be prepared.



2 responses to “SOLO lesson 5

  1. I am inspired by how you engage & seek feedback from your students. My only feedback/suggestion is that the learning intentions could be more aligned to the level of thinking. Instead of to look at… It could be to describe (multistructural) and to make links between…(relational).

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