SOLO net spreads…

This series of blog posts about my use of SOLO has provoked questions from others, see comments linked to lesson 3.

Posts to check – a similar follow my development approach is seen in Paul Berry’s blog. It will be interesting to match ideas, resources as both of us progress with our classes.

I am pleased to have had my work with Year 7 classes accepted as a performance management foci for this year and I am keen to bring more colleagues into the classroom to experience the SOLO approach. I have also been given leave to initiate an action research based pedagogy group to investigate the teaching strategies mentioned online especially and look at trialling aspects in school so that whole school recommendations can be formulated. This is an exciting time for me professionally.

Primary colleagues – there are lots of examples of SOLO in the primary school from New Zealand – are there UK practitioners (or others globally) following this development? I can see this community growing to reach wider phases of the education community.



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