Teachmeets – who hasn’t heard of them?


I expect that most blog readers are amongst the educators that have heard of or attended or presented at Teachmeets. I maybe wrong – please comment. An informal gathering for those that seek their own CPD often and are connected with other educators.

This week I had an opportunity to present at Teachmeetipad (#tmipad or #teachmeetipad). It was organised by Anthony Evans of St Aidan’s Primary, Seven Kings, Ilford. He had run the first TM I attended 4 years ago when I sat in awe of the ideas and presenters.

#Tmipad was great as about 70 educators working across education from Reception to HE shared ideas with commercial organisations / sponsors ( not usually a TM feature). The iPad focus meant that many app ideas were shared but also how technology linked to lessons under Ofsted and the importance of pre-planning before purchasing equipment.

On a personal note it was great to meet people whose work online I’d read or followed their exploits on Twitter. There was also a tie-in with TMBrum organised by Daniel Harvey on the same evening, timing at both ends meant this did not come off – to my knowledge. However, two presentations of mine with speaker notes provided we represented inBirmingham while I sat in the hall in Ilford.

Nick Novak took a great pic as I was speaking which became my new profile picture onTwitter (see below)the badge links to my posts about Digital Leaders.


Why the advert for Teachmeet Essex at the start of the post? Therein lies another post – getting involved in Teachmeet organisation. ( to post soon).


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