TMEssex update

The idea formulated mid-September and #TMEssex,Chelmsford was born. As earlier posts show presenters were booked up quickly and ticket uptake was healthy.
Since then we’ve raised the seats available from 100 to 150. We ran out of those with five weeks to go. At our second meeting we looked at two venue options within KEGS, Chelmsford. We’d stick with 150 and go for the smaller hall.
Then the Teachmeet to aspire to – #TMClevedon on Thursday, pictures and new ticket requests appearing, we change to our larger venue with the cushioned tiered seating and now an extra 50 seats are released. In the first 24 hours of this third release 16/50 tickets are booked.
Now the discussion on Twitter mentions #TMClevedon, #TMEssex and now…#TMLondon scheduled for Tue. 11/12/12. Just under a month after us on Monday 19/11/12.

Being involved is a real privilege and has opened my eyes to many aspects of event organisation. I’ve been nicknamed “Persuader” by one leading Tweeter and do like the fact that between @ICTMagic, @headguruteacher and myself (@aknill) we have proved so successful at attracting a large field of educators.

Have you got your ticket yet?


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