Open evening 2012 – Digital Leaders Live


2012 and a new idea for Open evening – a student manned room (mainly). Nine of the Digital team (leaders and explorers) took over one of our ICT suites. They ran three main activities;

1) IWB training – during the evening they used their recent training to develop flipcharts about their role.

2) welcoming visitors and telling them about our digital leadership team and finding out if their primary schools have digital leaders and if not, whether they would like to see the idea explored. This has left us with several local schools to contact to arrange meetings or networking with.

3) ICT club demonstrated ideas using Scratch and encouraged our young visitors to explore.

Display materials also included examples of their in school survey work, blog posts, badge designs and digital applications. A set of pictures recorded the use of iPads and PuppetPals HD to make adverts for the school production in last terms’s Media week.



Finally, my section on staff using digital technology with examples of #TMEssex, #SOLO teaching resources and using Google Translate with teaching materials (several new pupils with very limited English skills currently – Romanian and Thai).




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