Voting in class

My school invested in Promethean Activote pads a few years ago. They were used with mixed success. Those who used them the most tried not to keep them to themselves and as a result the handsets were under used. It is hoped this year to get them out and bring them back into active service – this links nicely to NAACE taking on the Risk It Strategy in October promoted initially by Ben Benjeddi of Northfleet school for girls.

Now there are a number of apps and online voting alternatives on offer. I have experimented with Mentimeter at some Teachmeets earlier this year. Alternatives include Socrative which a colleague is trialling with his ICT classes at present. Promethean offer ActivEngage and still have their handsets like the ActivExpression.

What have you used? In a networked room? In a BYOT/D situation? What must be present? Please share your ideas.





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