Management and Leadership research

My school’s Headteacher recently gathered all the staff on a TLR ( responsibility post) and presented us with a management text to take away and read. Several of us returned soon after to check it was ok to annotate our copies – this response had not been predicted, but received a positive response.
Next week (Wed. 13/6/12) we will gather and share our thoughts with other staff who received the same text. We have a book review proof form to complete about:
– the key messages we have taken from the book
– what has the book reinforced or taught us
– what are we going to do as a result of reading the book

I preempted the last section by searching for the author / text online and found a number of linked resources. I have also found and contacted the author through Twitter.

The book I am reading is: The Three Levels of Leadership by James Scouller

I would like to thank James for his prompt response on Twitter and or passing on a link to clips on YouTube. This is a technical aspect of leadership communication that I will be passing onto colleagues.
The web link is

I will post the group’s feedback after we have met.


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