SOLO revision at Key stage 3 – day 2

Ok yesterday’s jump to SOLO stations was too far too soon for my year 9 groups.As the day progressed I had modified the activity and differentiated by ability and “characters”.

So day two, a simpler approach – year 9 back to their comfort zone seating plan – using a mix of revision styles explicitly – passive, active and ask the teacher. Structure was more rigid and they were clearly more comfortable.

Use of SOLO hexagons to demonstrate on Activboard (IWB) how to develop a written answer from level 4 to 5 to 6 and 7 where applicable. The structure of coloured hexagons shared on the board evoked some very good discussions.

Year 7 revising for an assessment using labelled diagrams and a written element also responded well to the use of hexagons to develop diagram and written answers. I also added simplistic levelled diagram examples of a waterfall.lots of discussion provoked, use of key terms eg.differentiate between label and annotate.

The extra was recapping on topic by scrolling back through each group’s flipchart to share previous lessons – the joy and ease which technology helps. A good day…


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