Digital leaders and explorers – first meeting

Tuesday 29th May 2012 – a momentous day for me as I held. My first formal meeting with my new digital team. We discussed a range of points, the team introduced themselves to everyone else. Tasks before next meeting after half term:
– design logo for group and in school badges to wear on a house coloured lanyard to indicate digital. Leader role – school credits on offer as reward for entries and winner
– sir to sort transport for Kidsmeet at Goldington, Bedford on 20/6/12 – the group were ok about leading a table discussion and very interested
– next meeting to watch and give constructive feedback on the 8 successful applications
– start to develop group minute taking knowledge and skills
– sir to set up access alongside staff to cross curricular room on school’s Fronter MLE and links to meeting record ( done 😀 and link to included and notes from meeting in a collaborative Fronter document

Possibilities of In-school. Developments re. New IWBs, champion MLE status, sir talking to borough primary ICT leaders re. DLs and much much more. Meeting was scheduled for half hour, last group left after 60 minutes.

This group have do much potential, more to follow.


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