Solo SOLO or how did it go?

Woke early full of enthusiasm. Got to school and printed off the resources, rearranged the room into the four stations. Used three times in various guess today.

First lesson
Mixed response. Passive, active and ask the teacher worked well, especially the latter on second rotation. Kinetic was too big a leap from previous practice – fair play. Next lesson will include using hexagons to demonstrate links in developing more comprehensive written answer.

First lesson of the. Afternoon
Energy drinks, humidity did not help. The girls responded better than the boys. Active and ask the teacher worked better, but on second round was advising on station to consider. Again second lesson will follow modified pattern above.

Last lesson. Of he day – stifling and at least one dispute transferred from previous lesson. Didn’t offer kinetic this time but active got a lot of variety in speed and accuracy of answers.

Not the success I had hoped for but several areas to go away and develop for complete unit delivery based on SOLO to trial after half term.


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