Saturday, we established #geogsolo. By the end of the evening a set of hexagon linked flipcharts to help yr 7 revise this week – see #geogsolo post. Today as family drove down to Kent I produced a keynote presentation to lead a SOLO stations revision approach with yr 9 for their end of year exam. So presentation ready – what resources do I need to make?

SOLO poster – that’s ok there’s the Comic Life app one from @EV_Sport.


Hexagons – blank – hmm tried a few ideas for this @thegeophyte in Melbourne, Australia had posted hexagon templates on her blog.

20120527-230002.jpg then hexagon presentation from @geogjo I think provided an opportunity to save as keynote, remove text leaving another template.


Tracking sheet – based on original from NZ edited to include pupil details and topic of focus.

So now presentation for starter is ready by the end of the afternoon it. Had been requested and shared with colleagues in Australia, Abu Dhabi, Salisbury, London … Wow an exhilarating feeling.

Late return from beach and time to complete lesson plan to link SOLO resources.

Monday – test in class…


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