Digital Leaders appointed

The Digital Leader decision has been made.

Friday 25th May was the day to sit down with the 8 applicants. Five video entries submitted on YouTube and three PowerPoints. I sat and reviewed the evidence and decided to select all the applicants who met the deadline.

How should the results be announced? The Head was e-mailed to check she was ok with my decision. She was and then read the list out over the school “Bing Bong” at the end of afternoon school Friday. The successful pupils met myself and the Head, were duly congratulated. Their names will be displayed on the schools’ digital signage next week. A notice is to go on the news section of the school website.

So, one year 7 and 7 year 8s. Our first task to meet on Monday lunchtime to identify their first challenge (I can’t tell you until they’ve been briefed!). Then we need to see how many would be able to attend the Kidsmeet being arranged at Goldington. academy, Bedford on the 20th June.

The Head took away details of the applications on Friday night and viewed them – she sent a very enthusiastic response.



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