Aaarrgghhhh my first presentation on video to other teachers

The day has arrived. Prompt departure from school to allow system testing and see if my shared  web link will work in Cambs. Apparently I’m projecting the size of King Kong on the whiteboard – a bit like scaring the children with my 3D morpho.


Ok so the link works – I can hover in case any friends join us online before the  5 o’clock kick off on:

Please feel free to join us for 30 minutes about networking and digital leaders.

Recommended tweachers who are primary specialists are:

@ICTMagic; @shelibb; @ianaddison

My twitter account: @aknill

The only  web link I’m sharing is the UK digital leader network site:

So ….here goes well in a bit anyway…..



One response to “Aaarrgghhhh my first presentation on video to other teachers

  1. All done now. Well I hope my information was useful. The odd feeling was talking to a black screen rather than seeing particpants – that contact factor was clearly missing.
    I also put in a mention for the Kidsmeet being organised by @sciencelabman On Wed. 20/6/2012 from 4.30 – 6.30 at Goldington in Bedford. It aims to draw in children aged 5 – 18 to share their experiences.

    The session will be available from VITAL as a recording so that will be odd to watch back as I assume it will be from the participants view rather than mine.

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