Sir, you’ve got too much spare time!

Someone I follow on Twitter recommended the Morfo 3D face booth recently. So, I bought it and started experimenting. I soon found that you could take your own photo. Take an image of me, connect the iPad to my projector and get the app to say hello to classes by switching inputs without warning. Well, bemusement, amusement abounded and I have to admit that my face three feet high is a shock at any time.

Discussions about how it looked like me, how did you do it, how much is it can you get other effects, can you make it dance … This is what I like about using apps in the classroom they often generate new lines of questioning and sharing. You discover who has or whose parents have iPads and favoured apps.



Then the experimentation continued – an image of the Earth ( from Earthbuzz app) and then at rowing club on Friday a face imposed on the ergo meter fan – oh Sirrrrr! … Lol.



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