Digital Leaders moves from proposal to recruiting

Monday 30 April sees our school Digital Leader recruiting start.
The first thought was how to reach all Key Stage 3 pupils who are eligible to apply in this first round of applications. Assemblies at the start of the day or through lessons. Looking at my own timetable I have access to many of the groups, so I arranged with the other members of the department team to speak to groups in classes.
Then, how to remind pupils throughout the three week application period. A keynote presentation converted to PDF is now installed as part of the rolling screen on the school’s digital display screens.

A flyer was prepared in Pages and also converted to PDF. This reminds applicants of the e-mail address to send their Digital application to and aspects of the post.
So, bring on Monday – how many applicants will we get? What sort of applications will they make? How will we best showcase their work for others to appreciate? I like the way that this process continues to throw up new challenges.





2 responses to “Digital Leaders moves from proposal to recruiting

  1. An interesting post. Your ideas look great.
    Hello. I am trying something similar but had a different approach which has half worked and half not. I set all Y7 geography an extended homework (called ILT at our school) and if they wanted i said they could complete it using IT and so be considered for to become a Geography Technology Ambassador. I think I sold it as a bit of a geeky idea so applications were a little patchy , but i did receive some REALLY good ones. Now I am not sure whether to continue with just the few Y7’s I have or retry with an approach similar to yours.
    How many DL’s are you looking to get and how big is your school? What years are you aiming at?

  2. Thanks for the comment and feedback.

    I have the advantage of having the lead role for cross curricular ICT so my project is not just based in geography. I have been looking at involving pupils for a while but needed to lay some ground work in school to make sure the initiative was supported at SLT level. I got involved in the #DLChat development from February this year on twitter. I am now a keen advocate online and in meetings locally and via Teachmeets to get schools involved.
    We have just over 1000 on roll. How many applications do I expect? To be honest I am unsure apart from a core of 5 of my top set yr 8 geographers who regularly use Goanimate and YouTube for homework presentations. The crunch for many will be committing to a weekly meeting.I have many ideas of projects ahead and will continue to post about them.
    Have you looked at the work of ? If not sign up on the map. And twin with us for online collaboration as we already chat a lot on Twitter.
    Any other post readers out there who would like to link up? The network is not exclusive to UK schools.

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