Natural disaster, twitter and Flipboard

Wednesday 11 April travelling to see my parents. I was on return leg drive so had a look at twitter – an 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Banda Aceh (site of 2004 tsunami). My alert system as a geographer switched in and I spent the rest of the journey reading retweets and following new tweeters across SE Asia. The news came from several directions, points were duplicated and as I had done during the Japan March 2011 I retweeted, followed new sources and saw how the situation developed. Two days later I am still following up links from geological reports on what occurred and the good news that lives were not at risk this time as they were in 2004.

Flipboard is an accumulator / magazine format in which I can look back at my tweets in an easy to read way. MY next task to go back and follow the links to develop notes to use in my teaching about such events in the future. Thursday, in The Times, my daily paper – no mention of this frantic episode at all!



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