Connected learners

Steve Wheeler (@Timbuckteeth) of Plymouth University posted a piece about Connected a learners today on Twitter. Although I don’t feel at the same level as academics, this connectivity and openness is one that I commented on anecdotally at Teachmeet Play (#TMPlay) in February 2012.
In my career as a teacher (24th year) I have seen collaboration outside school gates encouraged, discouraged, feted and dismissed as competition (perceived or otherwise) has proved an obstacle. Social media is my release – I can talk with educators and any other online sources at very little notice. I can share, discuss, trial ideas in a way that a single institution can never achieve. I belong to many networks that promote different aspects of my work.
For me at a personal level it is a release for enthusiasm that has been bound too long by red tape and I intend to network more through social media so that I am a more informed and up to date educator than any CPD course provider can hope to match individually.

So thank you god the article and linked tweet you’ve provoked my ideas and another strand to reinforce in my mishmash presentations at Teachmeets.


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