The power of following

The power of following others is that you see different examples of using Twitter and blogging layout and tools. Today in a snowy holiday cottage my attention is drawn to London and the 2012 Google Teacher Academy. Simon is using his blog to keep a record and this year it will be interesting to track the experiences and thoughts of people I often engage in online discussion with.

So good luck #gtauk and here’s watching what tools I could be trialling too.



2 responses to “The power of following

  1. Simon’s blog is full of interesting articles. There is one that is particular interesting about the development of his learning environment. It has been interesting to see how his room has developed and unlike many teachers he has stripped his room of furniture instead of building it up and adding more (less is more!!)

  2. Yes, the idea of tents and cushions appeal. I suggested astro turf to replace carpet in my room – blank stares in response. Stephen andJuliette Heppell have both posted about design previously.

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