Holiday pictures

Ok so I’m on holiday. When I was young that meant an instamatic camera, film cartridges and money for developing, oh and not taking pictures with the case flap or a finger in the way. Now I admit all my pics. are taken on a mobile phone, uploaded to sites and then available to admire instantly.

So too many images? Probably but the freedom to point and shoot without development costs or limits on the number of shots is so liberating. I remember the excitement of moving to 35mm film then the exasperation of film loading.

So how to share pictures- in two days I’ve uploaded pictures to share with friends on facebook and using Flickstackr I can upload and create sets in my Flickr account to.



2 responses to “Holiday pictures

  1. Some wonderful Pictures. Have you looked at Mike McSharry’s pictures?

  2. I haven’t Nick but will do so. My geography pictures are public on Flickr under Andy.knill if you want to see more examples.

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