QR code generator – free for education – blippit

http://www.blippit.co.uk offers a free QR code generator for schools. I was attracted by the no nonsense name and the free aspect of course.QR codes are becoming more common – how could you use them in school?

Displays that link to web links.; EAL student support translations; links to videos of school events again linked to displays or prospectuses; geocaching; orienteering; treasure hunts and many more.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think.


Here is QR code I created previously:



3 responses to “QR code generator – free for education – blippit

  1. This is an idea that I have seen use and one that I have thought about using myself. The idea come from Deputy Mitchell on Twitter (the creator of quad-blogging). He does a series of article where he uses these QR codes as a marking scheme that links to a web page for follow on comments etc. Worth a read.

  2. It’s an area that screams out for wider use. I know several geographers who’ve used QR codes. Looking at as an EAL tool to access translated links.

  3. I didn’t want to forget to come back here after your article to say that Blippit has taken on it’s new wings as the only app maker designed for students and schools. QR codes are built in to Blippit; they’re generated when an app is made and ready to use – student or teacher scans it and goes straight to the app made. Students/teachers can use the codes to market their app to the student populus or wider. Free access for a couple of weeks comes as standard so if you want to explore/play feel free – all feedback welcome 🙂 http://www.blippit.co.uk

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