Global warming and geography

Global warming -a topic that we revisit frequently but do so in a manner that acknowledges that there is a broad range of scientific interpretations. Al Gore’s previous material released to schools was followed by warnings about delivering in an open framework where views were shown to differ. So as I approached a lesson yesterday what new resources could I include?

NASA’s Earth Now app for the iphone allows images with upto date data to show images of data on the earth and a good discussion point when projected via VGA from the iPad.


Ok so now I want to look at how temperatures may have changed over time so I use the Just Science app in different ways with different groups. With some I let the animation play, then discuss what the pupils have seen. In another we look at intervals of 50 years and predict what differences we may see 50 years hence. Differentiation and good discussion starters.


Combine these with diagrams I build up with the class within my ActivInspire software I have a lesson that uses a range of resources that are visually stimulating,discussion is provoked and an interest in data and it’s uses. This is so much easier than when I. Used to hand. Draw diagrams on a chalkboard !!!


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