Back to work…

The question I love / loathe from colleagues about my online time – how do you fit it in? How do other tweets,fellow bloggers, geeks, people answer this? It’s just part of who I am and with online access instantly available it’s so easy and I feel so comfortable online.

How do I express that to others who see being online as an alien planet? A pupil today in discussion about twitter – a lesson aside – was stunned when I said I chatted with other teachers across the world. Outside our own school was her perception of an extended world, global chat was off the scale and this from someone who is online frequently.


2 responses to “Back to work…

  1. It’s interesting that involvement in social media is seen as an ‘add on’ – not as part of the way the world works these days.

    Switched on organisations of all sizes use it as part of their marketing and sharing information is a critical part of any commercial marketing mix. If a company isn’t using social media they will be left in the dust – it isn’t going away any time soon! Why should learning establishments be any different?

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. The balancing point for education is the e-safety aspect. As I converse with a wider range of people involved with ed-tech so more approaches present themselves as opportunities for discussion.

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