Mishmash learning hits wordpress

Welcome to my new blog

After following links on Twitter to fellow tweeters iPad friendly pages I decided it was time for the mishmash to spread his wings.

Why mishmash?

Two Teachmeets – #TMEssex and #TMPlay last month with different audiences showed me that maybe this was a good format to share my diverse interests in tech as a learning tool.

Who and why?

A secondary (11-16 years) teacher since 1988. I am primarily a geographer but to be honest I’m best described as a lifelong learner. Learning is fun. If tech can provide tools to add to the fun bring it on,along with learning outdoors and collaborating with a diverse mix of people across the globe.


2 responses to “Mishmash learning hits wordpress

  1. Sad, yet true please replace this comment with genuine feedback from my Twitter followers or anyone else who stumbles across this blog.

  2. Hi Andy – mish mash sums you up pretty well!!

    As I said before – ‘where were teachers like you when I was a kid?’ The truth is they were probably there, but I was such a big-‘eaded self-centred oik I never spotted them. Actually, that’s a fair description of a youth though, isn’t it!!

    Keep up the amazing work.

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