YouTube channels

Is the volcanoes video in your classroom / drawer ..? came the call of old. Now web based services mean the choice is vast – far too vast to be honest. So how can the endless hours of YouTube meandering be reduced? Run a channel!

Set up a channel for the department in Summer 2011. Got pals on twitter to road test and give feedback (collaboration again). Playlists link to units studied so staff can recommend and then have a core set of resources to show classes. Watch a lesson’s film again – use the channel. Links have been made and examples embedded in school’s Fronter MLE rooms.

Today a discussion and sharing of ideas between #geographyteacher tweeters especially as some schools are still blocking YouTube. So let’s hope that YouTube for schools opens the possibilities for others.

2012 – add more videos, choose channels to subscribe to for extension and enlist sons help in identifying and developing channels further.

Add to and develop new idea a staff CPD channel to promote use of online video courses.

Gg. – BowerParkGeography

CPD – bpictac

Feedback always welcomed.


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